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East Africa

This region is comprised of seven countries that include Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Eritrea.

The East African Region is one of the three regions situated in the Corridor to Victory.  The International Preparatory Committee (IPC) of the First Pan African Federalist Congress considers East Africa as a gateway to the Victory Lane alongside two other regions of Central Africa and Indian Ocean (CAIO) and West Africa (WA).

The role of the RCC-EA is to unite all the people in the region by ensuring that all the seven countries have existing and functional National Coordinating Committees (NCCs).  The successful participation in the First Pan African Federalist Congress by all the countries in the Region is the mission of the RCC East Africa.

The current RCC Coordinator is Sr. Sarah Hasaba from Uganda who is vigorously working to make sure that all Committees both at the national and regional levels are complete and are functional.

If you are an African living in East Africa and want to take part in the campaign for the political unification of the Independent States of the African Continent and the Caribbean Islands mainly populated by Africans, please send a message to the leaders of the RCC- East Africa. We would also be grateful if you could put us in touch with anyone living in Europe who is driven by the same feeling about the urgency of the political unification of African States.


Sarah Hasaba - Coordinator;


Suleiman Kiula - Deputy Coordinator;


Lewis Maganga - Secretary General;


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