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PAFM’s goal is to involve the African masses in the discussions and decision-making processes on African Unity.  We in PAFM believe that the people are the legitimate owners of the Sovereignty of the States we want to unite.



The Pan African Federalist Movement was initiated by a Call for the First Pan African Federalist Congress launch on Thursday February 26, 2015 by Senegalese Pan Africanists, most of whom were companions of Cheikh Anta Diop, Abdoulaye Wade or Leopold Sedar Senghor who were pioneers in the effort to create a viable state of Africans, by Africans and for Africans.

The massive response to this call led to the Convening of the Pre-First Pan African Federalist Congress which was held in Accra Ghana, from December 8 to the 13, 2018. This Pre-Congress was attended by more the Six Hundred Pan Africanists coming for more than 50 around the World.  A few very important decisions were made by the Pre-Congress:

-  A Declaration, called the Accra Declaration, to officially launch the PAFM was adopted 

- The Executive Committee of the International Preparatory Committee (IPC) of the First Pan African Federalist Congress was elected

- The decision to have the headquarters on the PAFM in Bamako, Mali.

The Pan African Federalist Movement is being built around the Call for the First Pan African Federalist Congress. It is a grassroots coalition for African Unity. Its approach is a bottom-up mobilization for the political unification of the States on the African continent and those in the Caribbean islands where “Africans of the Blood” make up the majority of the citizenry.


This process is also inclusive of the millions of Black people in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia who are descendants of enslaved Africans or Africans who have voluntarily migrated to those areas but are minorities in their States of residence.

Its goal is to involve the African masses in the discussions and decision making process on African Unity. Because they are the legitimate owners of the Sovereignty of the African States we want to unite. We believe it to be self-evident that they and only they have the true power to authorize the African states to voluntarily surrender any portion of their sovereignty to an entity which they deem will be able to properly manage it in their best interest.

During the last fifty years plus, these States have proven their inability to manage significant portions of their sovereignty and had no other choice but to surrender them to their former colonizer’s government who are not accountable to our people.  A federalist compact between the African States will allow them to take back those portions of their sovereignty and voluntarily surrender parts of it that they deem fit to a Federal Government “of the African people, by the African people et for the African people”. 


Up until now only a very limited number of Africans have been involved in this discussion, referred to by some as the Grand Debate.  They have been either the African heads-of states and governments, the academics or people who were close to the leadership of the ruling parties in the different African Countries. The debates on the Union Government prior to the AU Heads of States and Governments Summit of 2007 in Accra did not involve the African masses. It was the same for the 1963 Summit which gave birth to the OAU and the Lome 2000 meeting which gave the green light to the mutation of the OUA into the AU.  The African masses in the Caribbean Islands did not get more consideration than their brethren of the African Continent in the same debate which led to the creation of the CARICOM.


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