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The Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) is being built around the Call for the First Pan African Federalist Congress. It is a grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals for the political unification of the States on the continent of Africa and those in the Caribbean where the majority of the citizens are of African descent.


The PAFM is now working on one and only one project, the Organization of the First Pan African Federalist Congress scheduled to take place December 08 to the 22nd in 2023. 


The main goal of the Congress is to accelerate the birth process of the UAS by organizing in each of the African countries a referendum in which citizens will be call upon to vote for or against the federal union of the African States.  It is therefore about launching a campaign for the creation of the UAS in less than a generation through a powerful bottom-up movement that will give to Africans and people of African descent, the real owners of the sovereignty of their states, the opportunity to clearly express their opinion on the form of union they want to see established between their African State and the other African States.


This gathering will also give to Pan Africanist Federalists on the continent and the Diaspora a chance to meet and get to know each other. This congress will facilitate the creation of a Pan African Federalist web in Africa and the Diaspora. The exchanges that will take place during this congress will enhance the chances for the Pan African Federalist to find the pertinent answers to the questions that many lukewarm and/or reluctant partisans of the federalist options are asking themselves, particularly in regard to the feasibility and viability of a federalist compact between the African States.


Finally this Congress will produce an Action Plan aimed in priority to organizations and highly visible individuals who are unwaveringly committed to the implementation of the federalist option. This guide for action will:


  • Define the campaign strategy for the birth of the UAS within less than a generation

  • Identify the main obstacles to the political, economic and military unification of the African States and the means and ways to overcome them

  • Design the communication strategy that can best popularize the federalist cause and secure the rallying of the majority of the African masses on the continent and abroad to pan African federalism

  • Put together an efficient campaign directory

The Pan African Federalist Congress is the supreme and sovereign body of the Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM). It must settle political policy debates and working methods still outstanding at the end of the preparatory process of the Congress.

Why is the political unification a matter of utmost urgency?

Many people have wondered or expressed their doubt on the wisdom of the Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) central Slogan:  All for the birth of the United African States by the end of the decade 2020-2030!


This slogan was neither pulled out of a magician's hat nor is the expression of the optimistic wish of an unrealistic dreamer.  It is derived from an Analysis of the reality of which we want to share a piece with you. 


The New Scramble for the African Lands in Africa and the Caribbean is today in full Motion. Historically geopolitical reorganizations processes take about a Generation to complete their Course. Which means that if Africans do not find a mean to stop this New Scramble which started in the beginning of the 1990s, we will be recolonized (through means that are even more dangerous than sending armies on our soils. The political instability in Ethiopia is today, the battle ground between the USA, and China and in the Central African Republic between France and Russia are obvious evidence of the battle to carve Africa once again in foreign controlled zones.


As far as the PAFM is Concern ONLY the Political Unification of Our States can Prevent this New Scramble from Completing its Course.  So, in a Nutshell, "the United African States by the end of the decade 2020-2030" is not a promise that the PAFM is making but a warning to Africans around the globe.


Some people, not necessarily afro-pessimists will argue that this cannot be done because those who have interest in the balkanization of the African States will not let us Africans unite, they have too much to lose. They will cite the examples of Nkrumah and in 1963 and Khadafy in 2007. What those doubters forget or do not factor in is that "a people united cannot be defeated". Both Nkrumah and Khadafy did not put African people at the driver seat of their effort to unite the African States. The PAFM, a grassroots coalition of Africans have learned the lessons taught by the Nkrumah and Khadafy experiences.  

We Will Unite Africa!

If we accept the price being truly sovereign is worth!!!



In the early 1960s, when Dr. Nkrumah had forcefully told his peers that our only way to salvation was the formation of a strong political union, many Africans had difficulty grasping his vision for Africa. In the course of the more than half a century after the first waves of independence, the scale and multiplication of crises on the continent have made the truthfulness of this affirmation more and more obvious.


Today it has become clear that the African continent, divided into more than fifty states that are politically and economically non-viable, will have serious difficulties getting out of the current chaos in which it is wading. The inabilities, many times demonstrated, of African governments to cope with the many hotbeds of tension that are spreading across the continent, the socio-political crises and the capture of land and natural resources by multinationals and foreign powers, are illustrations of the non-viability of the African states as singletons.


Thus, despite the efforts noted here and there, no one can deny the obvious: the African states are unable, as stand-alone units, to meet the basic needs of their citizens. While the situation on the continent is worsening, Africa continues to be the hunting ground for all sorts of predators in search of resources and profits often under the false pretexts of humanitarian assistance, foreign direct investment and cooperation. The African states of the Caribbean Islands are not doing any better than those of the motherland of the overwhelming majority of their citizens.



Uniting Africa and Africans worldwide

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